Zinan Temple

Zinan Temple is one of the most famous temple in Taiwan, said to be very accurate in predicting. The 40 million bamboo architecture, is built with legendary colors, being a religious center, and recognizable attraction.

Fonghuanggu Bird and Ecology Park

Fonghuanggu Bird and Ecology Park is located near Xitou, the first government invested operating bird park. The 30 hectare area ecology park raises hundreds of rare birds, a great place to do bird-watching. There are around 5000 birds, including blackbirds, dippers, seabirds, and migratory birds. The walking road, consists of mostly stair steps and small paths, is around 2km.

Nantou Sky Ladder

The Nantou Sky Ladder is 204 meters long, with 262 steps, the longest bridge in Taiwan. Visitors can overlook the plains of Changhua on the west side, while the northern part is connected to Bagua Mountain, a main production of pineapple cake.

Sunny Hills

Sunny Hills is famous for its production of pineapple cakes.

Taiwan Mochi Museum

Taiwan Mochi Museum has a theme of leisure and cultural inheritance, aiming to give welfare and happiness. Tours in the museum explains the history of mochi production and how it now stands as an important symbol in Taiwan for 40 years. Visitors can make their own mochi and green bean cakes.

Nantou Winery

Nantou Winery is the only winery of Taiwan Tobacco&Liquor Corporation that specializes in producing fruit wine. It broadens the use of various fruit, since Taiwan is rich in the production of fruit such as grapes, pineapple, carambola, plum, prunes, etc.

Monster Village

The name Monster Village is originated from an ancient story located in a forest. The story was that a young man named松林勝一, met two animals when he working, a black bear named 枯麻 and a leopard named 八豆. 松林勝一 bumped into a monster one day, and was saved by the two. Unfortunately, 八豆 the leopard died due to the incident and the black bear枯麻 disappeared. The Monster Village is built with Japanese style and architecture, becoming an interesting place to visit after walking or hiking in the Xitou Nature Education Area.